On Sunday the 27th of December, I went fishing with the well known great fisher, Rosco.

It started out when we went out to sea and had found a little boat in the secret spot. Isabella yelled out ‘Hey You Get Out Of Our Spot’.

We drove the boat to where they were and Rosco said ‘Hey you pinched me spot’. And they said ‘Yeah we saw the sign’. We went a bit further out to sea and Isabella and I started fishing. Before the first minute of been out fishing ended I caught my first fish, It was what had wanted, a Skippy. It took me two minutes to catch another Skippy and thirty seconds to catch my next fish which was a cod. Then I caught two more Skippy’s.

After that along came the big King Fish and a StingRay. It took half an hour to catch another fish which was a cod, that was when Isabella caught a Skippy and Rosco started fishing. It then took three minutes to catch my next fish which was a Skippy and Rosco caught a Skippy aswell.

Then the King fish came back and the StingRay took Rosco’s hook so we stopped fishing for five minutes then I caught two more Skippy’s.

Then the water became to rough to continue fishing so we went back to shore and my story spread round of how I out fished the captain who was one of the best fishers in Wedge. I now have gone from the worst fisher to one of the best in Wedge!!!

Wedge Story by: Giorgia McGrath

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