The Wedge Island Community is managed by an elected Committee via an Annual General Meeting within the WIPA (Wedge Island Protection Association) constitution framework.

Reflecting the diversity of the community, the board includes members from the professional, business and blue collar backgrounds, with members combining a commitment to protection of the environment with their professional capability to manage the Wedge Island Community

This Committee is committed and dedicated to the survival and well being of Wedge Island and its Community

Currently the primary focus of the committee is to retain Wedge Island for it’s members and the public to experience for many years to come.

To retain Wedge Island as we all know it involves many hours of hard work and lots of meetings with Government, Shires, Police and other Stake holders.
(For more detailed information on this see the “Save Wedge” page).

Other day to day committee responsibilities are looking at environmental issues, such as dune revegetation or flood control, track management and maintenance, producing the members only newsletter to name a few.

The committee has also instigated important policy for Wedge Island such as a “Code of Conduct” and “Traffic Management” policy.

The self managed approach has been hugely successful since the first settlers set up their tents over 70 years ago and is a credit to the Community as a whole.

At peak times (Christmas, New Year, school holidays and long weekends) there can be thousands of people inhabiting the area and the infrastructure and management systems that have been developed and put in place over the years ensure everybody enjoys their Wedge Island experience.

Working behind the committee are yet more dedicated community members with specialised skills that can benefit the Community when the need arises such as hydrologist, planners, printers and legal people.

If you think you have a particular skill that can benefit the Community or an idea that may help us retain or improve Wedge Island for the benefit of all West Australians please contact us, your thoughts and help will be most welcome.

  • Brad Glew: President
  • Leya Wall: Treasurer
  • Mick Kontoolos: Secretary
  • Mick Coghill: Committee
  • Shane Dickson: Committee
  • Peter Egan: Committee
  • Tanya Stanton: Committee
  • Bob Taylor: Committee
  • Tracey Walkerden: Committee
  • Ross Robinson
  • Ross Knipe
  • Annie McGuiness
  • Helen Dawe
  • Murray Knowles
  • Robin Adair
  • Colin White
  • Dean and Moya Carrick
  • Tanya Stanton
  • Brad Glew

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