Safety and First Aid

Due to Wedge Islands’ previously remote location prior to Indian Ocean Drive (an hour from the closest town Lancelin along the beach) it became necessary to be able treat accidents and medical emergencies within the community until professional help could arrive.

The community banded together and built a first aid station affectionately known as “The Pie Shop”. With funds raised from community events and donations the Pie Shop was stocked with the basic medical supplies to deal with the wide range of injuries from broken limbs to splinters and a designated helicopter pad built to evacuate the more serious emergencies.

The Pie Shop can be accessed by anyone in the community that requires attention or seek help from the volunteer nurses; Annie a retired nurse and long-time resident of Wedge Island or Helen, a practicing nurse and seasonal resident. Annie has assisted hundreds of accident victims over the years, some of whom owe their lives to her work.

In 2001 Annie was awarded the Order of Australian Medal in recognition of the lives she has saved and the medical help she has administered within the community over many years. A well-deserved accolade to an important and respected community member.

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