Wedge Influence

My childhood at Wedge molded my life and my choices I have made. Anne McGuiness is one of those people everyone knows. If you haven’t met Annie, well you haven’t been injured at Wedge, lucky and un-lucky for you.

From as early as I can remember us Wedge kids would be at her heel watching her care for patients. (And wait for our jelly bean reward!). We learnt so much about first aid. We all have been cared for by Annie and all have great admiration and respect for her. As do the rest of the people of Wedge Island.

One winter weekend when I was 16, our first aid skills we had learnt from Annie were tested. Being winter, before the road, there was only a few people around. We attended an accident north of Wedge. We were able to unlock the pie shop and pack a vehicle ready to assist. Unfortunately the patient died, though this was no fault of our own and all involved did everything they could for the patient. Without all our experience of being around Annie this patient would have sat in the dunes with no hope.

From all of the accidents I attended at Wedge Island it influenced me to join St John’s Ambulance in Lancelin as a volunteer. I am now studying to become a registered nurse as well.

I am so grateful of the life experience living at Wedge has given me.

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