DPAW Notification- Re Asbestos site investigation

DPAW Notification- Re Asbestos site investigation

Detailed Site Investigation of Soil and Asbestos Remediation Work – Wedge and Grey Reserves
The asbestos survey of shacks at Wedge and Grey carried out by the DPaW in 2015, revealed that more than half (290) of the shack sites have suspected asbestos containing material (ACM) fragments in soil.  One of the recommendations in the Preliminary Asbestos Management Plan prepared by Aurora Environmental is that a Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) of soil be carried out. A decision was made by the Department that a remedial site investigation will be done. This approach is supported by the Department of Health and the Department of Environment Regulation, Western Australia.

Commencing in early June 2016, a contractor will be undertaking a program of identifying and removing asbestos fragments from soils in the Wedge and Grey Reserves in the first stage of a program to remove asbestos from these reserves. This remediation work involves raking soil and or handpicking (collecting) and removing asbestos fragments at identified sites.

It is recommended that shack owners roll up any old carpet or other materials that may be covering the ground areas around their shack. In the event that carpets are found in place, the carpet will be lifted to check for asbestos fragments in the soil. Carpets will be replaced as best as possible to their original position but given the condition of some carpets this may not be possible. Where other large objects prevent a proper assessment of the soil, Parks and Wildlife staff may require shack owners to move these materials.

Please note that the remediation process to remove asbestos in soil at Wedge and Grey is only a first step. Further work may be required in the future to remove more ACM fragments in soils as it becomes exposed due to weathering or other disturbances to soil.

Further information is provided at http://www.dpaw.wa.gov.au/management/wedge-grey

Included below is an explanation by WIPA of the above notice following discussions on the content with DPaW.

The third paragraph content was explained by DPaW that shack owners were not required to lift carpet or other ground covering material. The contractor may need to do this depending on their investigation of the site. The reference to moving ‘large objects’ was intended to mean old vehicles, fridges etc. or piles of debris etc., if the surrounding soil was identified as being contaminated.

WIPA members should refer to the Aurora Asbestos Register for forewarning if their shack has been previously highlighted.  This can be identified by looking at the column headings ‘Material location’ (ground) and ‘Material description’ (fibre cement debris).

However, this DSI may extend to all shacks anyway.

DPaW also clarified that specific ‘Soil sample’ items will not be dealt with in this phase of the DSI/remediation.

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