As part of an independent heritage assessment of the shack settlements at Wedge and Grey, you are invited to share what these places mean to you.

There are two types of survey:

One is about the shack structure and history, a hard copy form and
should be completed now and returned by Monday 1st August
The other is about the social connections and what is important to you
about Wedge. This is an on-line survey.
Complete the on-line survey by Sunday 14 August, 2011.
It’s quick (10 minutes) and easy.
Go to http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/wedgegreyshacks
If you need a paper copy of the survey, call Mick Kontoolas 0438 758446
or email chaneloconnor@hotmail.com


If you have stories about life on Wedge, please send them to
shacksproject@contextpl.com.au along with your name, approx. date of the story & your connection to the story.

Artists & writers

Are you an artist, writer or poet? If you have work inspired by either place, please send a copy to shacksproject@contextpl.com.au along with your name, the title and date of the work and the length of your connection to Wedge.
Kids can also participate now, the topic is ‘Write about or Draw or
Photograph what makes Wedge really important to you’. Include their age
when returning a scanned copy as above.

Group discussions

On Saturday 6th August some small discussions groups will be held at
Wedge, and in Perth early the next week –
call Murray Knowles 9434 1976 or 9332 8705 for more information.
This project is supported by the National Trust of Australia (WA) in association with the Wedge
Island Protection Association Inc (WIPA) and the Grey Conservation and Community Association
Inc (GCCA). Both associations are contributing significant funds. The output from this process will
only be as good as the quality of the inputs.
Tax deductable donations can be made direct to the National Trust of Australia (WA) and will be
credited to the funding commitments of WIPA and GCCA.
For more information about the project contact:
Murray 9434 1976(wk) or email to knowles7@bigpond.com