Wedge and Our Past Character Vehicles

When I was six my father pushed me down a hill on my push bike at Wedge. I hit Bill’s dinghy and swore I would never ride a bike again. I spent more time riding our old farm quad with its awesome windscreen and protector plates (people always laughed but I never got sand in my eyes and there was plenty of room for an esky, cd player, and everything else). It was a site and always covered in fish oil.

It was part of me and my Wedge adventures for many years. Once Bert and I took off out the back of Wedge, we ended up away for hours! Out the back of the dunes up some old tracks, exploring, we had sore bums for days. The back cushioning was always taken off to sit on next to a bonfire. We used to go to the top of the dunes with a cd player operated by batteries and just dance in the dunes. We used to collect wood and go sand boarding. That bike was my partner in crime for a long time!

Then I finally got my first car. An automatic Gemini. It was great. It started with a key or screwdriver. It didn’t last long and soon become a hang out instead!

For eight crayfish my father got me my next best friend. My HQ kings wood. What fun! It did exactly what the bike did, but it also kept me dry during winter! It went through many paint jobs and styles. It ended up with half a windscreen and rusted holes in the floors. I ended up selling it with its back wheels seized on for $100 before the Lancelin Windsurfing Race.

Once I bought an unlicensed Commodore in Lancelin just to get to Wedge. There were times we would do anything to get there!

Almost everyone that lived at Wedge before the ban’s of unregistered/ un-road worthy vehicles has had experiences like these. It was great seeing people’s imagination into painting and decorating their cars.

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