Squid Inks

On this day I had as a crew member Paul Lockyer in my “YellowTerror” on a trip to catch a Jewie or two. Now Paul was a dedicated beach fisherman with considerable success.

This day we headed out deep and began the fishing for some big fish, hopefully a Jewie, Baldie or Snapper.

After some time of futile endeavour drifting over the reef, Paul complained he thought he had picked up a lump of sea weed. There is a weight than can be felt which is not preceded by an obvious bite.

On the second drift over the same spot again Paul had the same experience. I had a notion what was going on and told Paul to very gently recover the line. I was right, hanging on was a huge cuttlefish. The animal was not going to let his meal go so I instructed Paul to keep the line coming in and I prepared to gaff the cuttlefish as it came alongside.

I struck true and impaled the animal and being aware of their normal habit when caught it expelled a great cloud of black ink. I gave it another up and down and again it expelled a cloud of ink. This was I thought the time to bring it inboard which I did.

The sneaky thing had obviously not expended its total capacity of ink and it proceeded to eject a further stream. This was well directed for it hit Paul, and most of the interior of the boat. I was lucky being behind the animal.

You may appreciate the fact the inboard of the boat was painted light blue and Paul was decked out in a Yellow spray jacket. The result, all were covered with a coating of black slime. I am afraid Paul was not amused but he was not standing where I was.

It took many weeks to remove all the stains from the boat even after many scrubs, though the squid used as bait caught a couple of Jewies next day. No Paul was not aboard that day!.

Wedge Story by: Ross Robinson

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