Wedge Tales

An Amazing Place I have done a sound amount of traveling. I’ve been through the Bahamas, to Fiji, around Europe,

My Shack We built our first shack in the 60s and as was the norm it was designed to ensure

Wedge Styles LARGER THAN EMU Where else can you find a communal pet emu? Wedge. Lager had an owner but

Squid Inks On this day I had as a crew member Paul Lockyer in my “YellowTerror” on a trip to

When we went up to Wedge when I was Younger… Dad spent a lot of time up at Wedge talking

The Gun Club & Various Events There have been many social events at Wedge Island over the years. The gun

Wedge Influence My childhood at Wedge molded my life and my choices I have made. Anne McGuiness is one of

Boat Accident There have been innumerable problems up at Wedge. Accidents of all description especially boating ones. One which came

The Big Cutting Most people at Wedge take this entry to the beach as being there forever. Believe it or

Story From Paris Wedge Tales:

A Quick Search Was Undertaken It was one of those magic Saturday mornings at Wedge, warm and calm, with all

My Wedge Story by Rachael Dawe My parents built a shack out of rocks an odd thirty years ago and

Please Save Wedge by Jessica Taylor Wedge Tales:

Outfished On Sunday the 27th of December, I went fishing with the well known great fisher, Rosco. It started out

What I Love About Wedge Absolute freedom!, away from the city life (lights, sirens, technology etc), community spirit, completely casual,

Wedge and Our Past Character Vehicles When I was six my father pushed me down a hill on my push

Some Memorable Days of Fishing at Wedge There are three ways to catch fish; from the beach, from a boat

Wedge Story by H Carrick My family and I have a beach shack at wedge Island. Wedge Island is north

My Initial Trip to Wedge At a WAUC Spear fishing competition early in 1962 Ray Parkes made the comment “You

A Wedge Wedding On April 15th 2006 at 9am, well nearly 10 (the bride is supposed to be late!), a

School Excursion On Tuesday 22nd November 2011 my Year 1 class & I went on a yesteryear excursion to a

Wedge I have written a few other stories about Wedge. I just wanted to put together something to try to

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