“Yes Minister”TV series continues with DPaW in lead role

“Yes Minister”TV series continues with DPaW in lead role

Following 20 long years of trying to work with DPaW to retain the Wedge and Grey communities for the people of WA it appears the current Minister for Environment & Heritage, Mr Albert Jacob, on behalf of the Government, is not listening to the people of WA but taking advice only from the bureaucrats within DPaW.


This was confirmed in a last ditch effort by the committee to meet with Minister Jacob in November to explain the lack of true consultation that DPaW is having with WIPA and GCCA by unbelievably, having the heads of DPaW present at the meeting.


Copies of our letter of frustration and clear commitment points sought from Minister Jacob can be found here.


The response from Minister Jacob is also attached including our “Analysis of Minister Jacob’s Response


Following the DPaW scripted Minister Jacob response we are left with no alternative but to escalate public debate of our cause during the next election.


Association members and the extended network are encouraged to keep informed on how you can help as this unfolds leading up to the State election on 11 March 2017.