The Wedge and Grey Census

The Wedge and Grey Census

The battle to retain Wedge and Grey has reached another critical point this month

In a nut shell….

DPAW would like the majority of shacks gone and our associations are fighting to retain the majority

Around 8 years ago we received over 18,000 signatures on a petition to save Wedge, we need to update and increase our data base of supporters for the upcoming election and we need your help

We believe we can help sway the outcome again with your help and the help of your friends and relations

Wedge and Grey have joined forces and have become very focused on our objective, within the new committee we have some very talented people working on well organized sub committees, one of these is the PR Committee

In the coming weeks the PR committee we will be asking you for some valuable information

Information such as :-
How many people use your shack over a year. ( i know around 100 people would use mine over any given year with kids, friends and relations)
What are their occupations
What is their post code (so we can work out political electorates and lobby for retention)
Would they be willing to help in a capacity to retain Wedge and Grey (ie write a letter, visit a member)

This information is very important, will be strictly confidential and could help you keep your shack for your friends and family

Your committee is putting in thousands of hours for all of our interest and if every one could take the time to fill out this Census it will go along way to help retain our lifestlye