The Associations’ planning framework to be presented 21 July

The Associations’ planning framework to be presented 21 July

WIPA and GCCA have been urging DPaW to accelerate the development of a co-existence model for the future management of Wedge and Grey as directed by the government some years ago.

In February this year, DPaW proposed a planning workshop for July at which stakeholder were invited to present scenarios and in May a planning brief was identified to which presentations would need to align.

The Wedge and Grey negotiating committee extended the consultancy of Michael Chessells and Linley Lutton to expand the alternative planning framework produced last year to become an indicative Master Plan which will represent our planning ‘scenario’ framework.

This will be presented to DPaW and other stakeholders late July to meet the initial planning brief and timeframe set. It would appear other government stakeholder agencies have not been able to meet this timeframe, but the associations see no benefit in delaying any longer and our proposals will later extend to all decision makers and political entities.

It is expected the indicative Master plan will be available for discussion at the WIPA AGM and subsequently for public consideration by late August.’