Recycling Trial Suspended

Recycling Trial Suspended

Public Notice – June 2012

The Recycling Trial initiated & funded by WIPA from Christmas 2011 to May 2012 proved to be an outstanding success

• 250 cubic metres of recyclables were collected
• 17.5 tonnes of material were diverted from landfill
• 78% reduction in the cost of disposal of rubbish compared to the domestic skip bin service

WIPA presented the results to the Department for Environment and Conservation (DEC) to establish the service on a permanent basis be funded from the $200 per annum per shack rubbish levy that is collected by DEC in addition to the $1000 annual lease fee.

DEC has chosen not to commit to continue this service, so WIPA has suspended the ongoing additional cost to members over the winter months.
WIPA has urged DEC to reconsider its position and implement a recycling service from the Spring season.

You can assist in having this service reinstated by contacting the Office of the Minister for the Environment and making your views known.