If you love Wedge as much as much as we do, here’s your opportunity to give something back!

Wedge Island Protection Association (WIPA) is calling for volunteers to spend some time assisting the community to stabilise the main cutting and other fore dune areas. The natural vegetation has been degraded over time, and we all want to see Wedge green again.

Our first project aims to strengthen weak parts of the frontal dune system where the ocean could break through into the shack areas, and to address the wind erosion in the main cutting.

WIPA and volunteers will be partnering with DBCA rangers to carry out activities such as laying erosion control matting, cutting and laying brush, collecting seeds and cuttings, and planting into the erosion matting.

Kids are encouraged to come along and learn about caring for our environment.

Session 1: Sunday 14 th July 10am – 12 noon
Session 2: Saturday 10 th August 10am
Muster Point: Wedge Island Helipad – 9.50am

Please bring sun protection and your water bottle, and gardening gloves if you have them.

Site 1 – Bare areas in the main cutting.

Site 2 – Low section of fore dune where shacks were removed. If the ocean breaks through here, a large area could be flooded behind it.

To register your interest in helping re-vegetation efforts at Wedge, please contact WIPA Vice President Chris McMullan at and leave your name, phone number and email address.

Further information and updates will be available on the Preserving Wedge and Grey for WA Facebook events “Re-Veg Wedge: Session 1” and “Re-Veg Wedge: Session 2”

If you can’t make these dates but would like to help another time, please contact us.

Please help us care for Wedge