Associations’ Planning Framework for Wedge and Grey released

Associations’ Planning Framework for Wedge and Grey released

After 20 frustrating years DPaW still has no clear vision for Wedge and Grey or how to undertake a collaborative process to achieve a sustainable outcome.


WIPA and GCCA are the only parties to produce an integrated planning process with concept plans for the 2 communities. Just like building a house, unless you paint a clear picture and get the foundations right, you are unlikely to deliver an acceptable or sustainable building.


The Wedge and Grey Planning Framework has been professionally compiled over several years utilising some of the country’s top consultants to address the parameters set by Government.


It covers impact of coastal processes, Heritage retention, State planning requirements, equity and access, health and safety, cultural tourism and the important issue of economic sustainability.


Letters to all major political parties have been sent requesting their preparedness to commit to our 5 key points which, if agreed, will enable the Planning Framework to be implemented.


We will keep you informed on responses and how you can help as this unfolds leading up to the State election on 11 March 2017.