Enquiry into Shack Sites in Western Australia

Enquiry into Shack Sites in Western Australia

The Parliamentary Standing Committee for the Environment and Public Affairs called for submissions for an Inquiry into Shack Sites in Western Australia.

The Legislative Council Committee initiated the inquiry on 26 May, 2010, and is to close at 5pm on Friday 2 July 2010. Has been extended to 16 July, 5pm.

The terms of reference are:

The Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs is to inquire into and report on:

  • information and issues to help inform government in the development of policy and the regulation of shack sites on public land in Western Australia; and
  • any other relevant matter.

The request for submissions was advertised in the Public Notices section of the West Australian newspaper. Also, specific requests for submissions were sent to people who had made submissions to a previous request from the Committee late 2009.

It would assist the committee to process and consider your submission it is typewritten on A4 paper. An electronic copy of any material would be appreciated.