Bush Fire Threatening Wedge January 2016

Bush Fire Threatening Wedge January 2016

During the recent fire fighting activities at the Wedge settlement, several Wedge residents were vigilant throughout the entire time constantly making patrols and checking with DFES. Special thanks to Noddy, Kiwi and Flea.

The fire began east of the Dawes farm near Meadows Rd and was heading north until the wind changed to easterly and drive it towards the Grey settlement initially.
DFES took control of the fire from local volunteers and DPAW at about this point.

The north east wind blew the fire back towards Wedge and things looked serious then with fire surrounding all of the north and south dunes and heading towards the spur road entry to Wedge.

The Wedge sttlement was very vulnerable, but the DFES controlled aircraft saved the day with water drops.

A westerly wind saved Wedge in the end by essentially blow the fire out against itself followed by some light rain.

Usual thanks to DFES personnel and volunteers who came from all points in the state and as far away as Geraldton Bunbury and Moora.

A letter of thanks from the Wedge and Grey shack associations was sent to DFES.


Special thanks should go out to Tanya, Rebecca, Mellany, Rhonda and others who provided constant on the ground updates and photos on the Save Wedge Island WA Facebook page.

Their timely and accurate updates abated shack owners fears about the status of the fire and the shacks, and no doubt saved us all from hundreds of phone calls.
Shack owners are reminded they must clear around their shacks to remove any flammable debris, building materials, shrubs, scrub, dead grasses etc.
Also extreme care needs to be taken with storage of flammable gases and liquids in fire proof cabinets or the like, ensuring that all lids and taps are turned off tight.
DPAW allows a 2 metre fire break around each shack, however the “Firebreak Location,Construction and Maintenance Guidelines” issued by Fire and Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia states that
“On farms and other land not in the pastoral region, it may be possible to have effective fire management strategies that only require a firebreak width to be three metres”. Depending on the specific situation, shack owners may decide extending the firebreak to 3 metres is required to provide the required level of protection for your shack and your nerighbours.

A link to that publication is here:

Firebreak Location, Construction and Maintenance Guidelines

From a community fire fighting readiness viewpoint, all of the WIPA fire tenders are operational and were ready for use; these were complemented on the day by Kiwi’s truck and Flea’s trailer.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]