The new committee is made up of the following people:
·         President Ian Hall (re-elected)
·         Vice President Brad Glew (re-elected)
·         Secretary Greg Robinson (re-elected)
·         Treasurer Maree O’Dea (re-elected)
·         Committee Andy Bruechert (re-elected)
·         Marcus Coyle (re-elected)
·         Mick Kontoolas (re-elected)
·         Troy Brown (elected)
·         Chris McMullan (re-elected)
Sub Committee
·         Murray Knowles (appointed)
·         Greg Simpson (appointed)
The summary of the AGM is as follows:
There was a reasonable attendance by members at the 2016 WIPA AGM at the Herb Graham Recreation Centre to elect the 2016/17 Committee and hear reports on WIPA’s current position and future direction.

The President’s Report to the meeting outlined the progress and activities made over the last 12 months, including the achievements of the preceding year. The report discussed the ongoing engagement and difficulties that exist with DPaW, and the alternative management model being developed by WIPA. The President’s report also recognised the efforts of the outgoing committee, the extensive volunteer work done at Wedge and the close call we had with a bush fire at the start of the year.

A Financial Report was presented to the meeting on the cash held in the General Account and the Term Deposit account. Our merchandise sales continued to rise in the year with great patronage by our members and supporters. Fundraising and Social activities continue to add to the balance sheet and provide the valuable extra reserves needed for the ongoing battle. Expenditure continues to be made in developing and further refining the Management Plan presentation.

Murray Knowles provided comment on a couple of current items being discussed with DPaW, these being:
• Asbestos levy discussions and DPaW’s philosophical refusal to meet com promises
• Waste transfer station and its management by DPaW of the contractor
This was followed by a report detailing the progress of the 2015/2016 program which included:
• Alternate planning framework – Presented to DPaW in July, but still waiting on feedback
• Working group meetings – DPaW cancelled meetings in last half of 2015, WIPA made strong representations in 2016 meetings regarding DPaW’s flawed management planning
• Heritage listing – Little progress made, WIPA members need to provide recounts of Wedge history. State Heritage to provide a formal assessment
• PR campaign – PR subcommittee convened and making progress
Murray highlighted that the lead up to the WA state election gives us a window to secure commitments from politicians, and the alternate framework is the tool to lobby with. The following items were noted as key areas for the next 12 months:
• Finalise the alternate framework
• Market the alternate framework to politicians, bureaucrats, and Shire of Dandaragan
• Finalise the marketing plan using members, social media, and standard media
• Formulate a shack building standard guideline, which will involve the shire
• Predict post-election fallout and scenarios

Lastly, Murray announced that this report would be his last at an AGM, and that he would be standing down from the role following the election. All in attendance gave Murray a spontaneous applause on his tireless efforts over the many years.