2014 Annual General Meeting

2014 Annual General Meeting

There was a great attendance by members at the 2014 WIPA AGM at the Herb Graham Recreation Centre to elect the 2014/15 Committee and hear reports on WIPA’s current position and future direction, plus vote on two important motions.

The Committee has continued to make progress in the fight for retention of shacks at Wedge. The President’s Report to the meeting outlined the progress and activities made over the last 12 months, including the following:

Meetings held for members to discuss the Zone based proposal from DPaW

The great work by the negotiating team in discussions and workshops with DPaW, team consisted of Murray and Ian from Wedge, and Peter Sheppard and Rob Teune form Grey, plus a few others when needed.

Commendation to members in the way they handled the consequences and publicity resulting from the unfortunate incident on New Year’s Eve. Particularly in the way members and WIPA supported the Police in the performance of their duties in the following summer months, and our public recognition of their efforts.

Our ongoing fight requires a lot of time, effort and specialist skills which aren’t always available from within the Committee and our members. Hence our need to pay for services, in particular legal advice. While the cost has been high, the information contained within the legal advice has enabled us to be better informed in negotiations with DPaW

The cost of legal advice and other expenses has drawn down our general operating funds, and members at the meeting are encouraged to support the two motions that were to be voted

Special thanks to the team responsible for our fund-raising – apparel and merchandise, 100s Club, Easter Ball and the WIPA auction

Thanks to the Committee for their efforts this year, several new members taking on key roles have made a great contribution to the overall success and achievements this year.

A Financial Report was presented to the meeting on the cash held in the General Account and the Term Deposit account. The balance in the General Account has been significantly depleted due to the fees being for paid for legal advice.

Two motions were tables at the meeting, these being:

a) That all Full members of WIPA be levied $100, to be invoiced in July 2014, to supplement the Association’s funds that will enable the continued fight for the shack settlement
b) That the Membership Fee for Full members of WIPA be increased to $200 per year, effective from January 2015

Both of these motions were passed after some discussion, mostly in support of increasing membership fees more than the nominated amount.

Members expressed concern of non-WIPA shack owners getting a free ride and endorsed the practice of charging back fees if membership was later pursued. The benefit of membership to be summarised and members encouraged to raise this with their non-member neighbours.

Murray presented a report on the last 12 months covering liaison with the Minister’s Office & DPaW, Lease/Licence extension, Zone Management Proposal and Shire of Dandaragan liaison.
He also covered recent events with the State Heritage Office regarding heritage assessment, and detailed the four areas in which legal advice had been sought. Murray has identified five areas on which the Committee should focus; Continue to negotiate ‘holding over period’ old lease conditions for the interim tenure and maintain pressure to reflect tangible connection to a longer term lease, resolve whether Native Title has been extinguished over the shack sites, pursue resolution of a management plan which reflects our submission to the Zone Management Proposal, and develop the WIPA shack site, following coastal studies, as a ‘cluster shack’ to demonstrate a successful ‘zone’ relocation and for deliverable public access.

The incoming committee has two new members, with most members from the previous Committee being successful in their re-election. Strong support from other members on key sub-committees, including Peter, Moya, Dean, RSL Mark and Dax will ensure this WIPA Committee can continue to make an impact in our fight.
The results of the election were:

  • President/Chairperson Ian Hall re-elected
  • Vice President Brad Glew elected
  • Secretary Mark Bartlett elected
  • Treasurer Maree O’Dea elected
  • Committee members: Garry O’Brien, Stephen Leeks, Mick Kontoolas, (re-elected)
  • Greg Robinson, Chris McMullan (elected).

The new members bring a fresh perspective to the Committee, and will be supported by Murray and Greg who have both been appointed to lead crucial sub-committees.
The new committee will call on WIPA members to assist with upcoming projects and activities to further the fight for shack retention at Wedge. If members feel they have a skill in a specific area that may help, now is the time to be them to contact a Committee member to volunteer their services and become a part of the campaign for retention of our community at Wedge.